Screw you, this blog is for me


Ok, for about 2 years now I’ve thought about writing a blog. I thought it’d be a good idea. I thought well, just the process of writing a blog will mean I research a subject more, I’ll have to understand it more and commit it to memory…er more.

Uncle Bob said it would be a good idea.¬†Adewale Oshineye and Dave Hoover of Apprenticeship Patterns fame* said it would be a good idea, Martin Fowler and Kent Beck probably say it would be a good idea, hell all the greats in our industry would probably say it’s a good idea, so…

What shall I write about first?

Hmmm…gotta be useful. Gotta be something that is new, that isn’t just a rehash of something else on the web. Gotta be both totally unique and totally useful that has never been done before and which changes the course of humanity…erm yup.

So I wont write that blog on Cucumber ‘cos I’ve read about it before. And I wont write about Design Patterns because that’s so 90’s. And Domain Driven Design? Bit complicated, I might get it wrong and come across as a bit more of an idiot than usual.

I’ll wait until next week then, something will come up.

Or next month, been a bit busy.

Hmmm, my first blog post, better be a good ‘un, dont wanna start off on the wrong foot. I’ll wait until I’ve got something useful to share with the world, something that’ll blow them away and make me the new Uncle Bob crossed with Dan North crossed with someone else who’s good.

Alternatively…f*ck it. This is my first blog post. I dont care that it does nothing for you – it’s for me. All of it’s for me. If I wanna write about some obscure bit of Junit that I’ve discovered, then I will. If I wanna write about something that helped me in my specific job, then I will. If I wanna write up a book review that’s been reviewed a hundred times before than I will. I’ll rehash and possibly misunderstand other peoples ideas, open myself up to ridicule and learn stuff.

That’s what it’s about, me learning. If you gain anything from this…great. If not then I will, and that’s what it’s all about kids. So why aren’t you writing one?

*excellent book – read it